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RPM Sensor

RPM Sensor-magnet Type (MP-981)

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RPM Sensor-magnet Type (MP-981)

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RPM Sensor-magnet type


The MP-981 is a magneto- type detector using a hall element which is suitable for revolution(r/min) measurement from low speed to high speed. Magneto-type detectors use an internal hall element, a permanent magnet, DC amplifier, and voltage regulator and respond to flux, so that a rectangular wave form is derivable from much lower speed all the way though high speed.


Detection method
Hall element
Measurement range
1Hz ~ 20kHz (using a 60P/R gear, 1~20,000 r/min, with an output waveform duty cycle is 50% ±20%)
Detection gear
Strong magnetic materials
(modulus 0.5~3, tooth width 3mm or greater)
Power supply used
DC 12V±2V (0.5Vp-p or less ripple)
Output waveform
Low level; +0.5 ro less, High level;5V±0.5V
rectangular wave form (with no load)
Output impedance
Approx. 330Ω
Output type
Floating groung
Protective circuit
Power supply polarity and output short protection
Operating temperature range
Matching connector
6-pin connector (type R04-PB6F plug)
Allowable vibration
(during operation)
double-ended 1.2mm at 30Hz in X, Y, and Z direction for one hour each
Allowable shock
490m/s2 in X and Y direction each 3 times.
Withstand voltage
1. DC250V, 1min. (between shield and signal cable)
2. DC250V, 1min. (between shield and sensor head)
Approx. 80g(including two mounting nuts)
Mounting nuts(2)

Application DWG.


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